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Celebration Chant

(Divide into 4 groups. Each group has a practice with their chant and then the leader conducts bringining each group in, gradually getting louder until leader raises hands and all goups shout together- HALLELUJAH !!!

1. Celebrate our God who's great ! ( repeat over and over)

2. Thank you Lord for giving. We know your with us living...

3. Praise Him ! Praise Him ! Praise Him ! Praise Him !...

4. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks...

Together... Hallelujah !!

Christmas Shout

Use the same approach as the Chant above in 3 or 4 groups

1. God's Son was born on Christmas Day.

2. Peace on Earth. Peace on earth. Peace on earth.

3. Baby born at Bethlehem. Baby born at Bethlehem.

4. Rejoice ! Rejoice ! Rejoice ! Rejoice !

Together... It's Christmas !!!

                               Noah Chant

(same approach as Celebration chant above)

1. Noah, Noah,ark ark ark.

2. Flood, splash ! Flood, splash !

3. Woof, moo, meow, quack.

4.Trust in God who keeps us safe.

Finally. (3 times through or just use Number 3 ending.)

..1. " It's raining !'

2. " Would you believe olive leaf ?"

3. " We're high and dry !"

Noah puppet script

(c) Don Stott, http://www.Eliab.com


Christmas  Shout

Easter Shout

Noah Chant


Christmas Call

Christmas is Coming

The first Christmas

Easter Shout !

Use the same approach as the 'Celebration Chant' above

1. Jesus Christ. Alive today ! (repeat  each over and over)

2. Hot Cross Buns !

3. Good news !

4. Eggs !

Together : "It's Easter !!"

(c) Don Stott, http://www.Eliab.com , 2004


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