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Coffee Break Prayer


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Coffee Break Prayer

Do you find it hard to pray sometimes ?  Is it a struggle to regularly find time alone with God ?  This prayer is an aid to get you started  having a quiet time with God. So pour out a cup of coffee and use the 'Coffee Break Prayer'  to turn your heart to God and hopefully grow more consistent in your time with Him.

LOOK - Take a look at your cup of coffee and pray.

    "Lord please pour out your Holy Spirit into my life today. Stir up within me a desire to meet with you.  Thank you so much for Your sweet love for me."

Take a moment to praise God for who He is.

    "Lord you're so kind, so patient , so just ....."

HOLD - Clasp the cup with both hands.

    "Lord I know I need your forgiveness for the wrong things I have done and the things I have put off doing. Filter from me all that doesn't please you. I ask you especially through the Lord Jesus to forgive me for ...."

    "Warm my life with Your love and purpose.  Thank You that You call me Your child and that I'm still special to You."

TASTE - Drink and pray

    "Thank you Lord for the reminder to pause, to reflect, to pray and wait on you. Help me to know  your presence with me in all I do today . Please be especially with me as I face ....." 

    "Are there things You want to say to me ?"

SMELL- Take a long deep breath

    "May my life today be the 'aroma of Christ' to those who don't know you as Savior and Lord. Give me a willingness and boldness to speak up for You and to share my faith with others as easliy as I would share a cup of coffee with a friend."

    " I  especially  pray for ...."


Coffee in solitude. ..'Warm my soul with Your Spirit.'

Coffee in community...'Help me share Your saving love today.'

Why not pour out a second cup (of coffee, tea, hot water ...) and take some time to read the Scriptures ?

Can you commit to God (and a friend ) that you will meet with God like this on a regular basis ? He's longing to 'do coffee' with you...and even more !

(c) Don Stott, http://www.eliab.com, 2004

Coffee break

Quiet time




Psalm 3:3-4

'But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.

To the Lord I cry aloud,

And he answers me from his holy hill. '