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Bentley's Bones


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Bentley's bones

a short skit leading up to Christmas.  grumpy dog puppet (Bentley) & Don

D. Hi Bentley !  How are you going ?

B. ( half asleep ) I'm.. very .. sleepy.

D. You're always tired.

B. I just want to go to sleep and dream about bones...big bones. Everyone seems to be getting so busy.

D. But Bentley, it's probably because we're starting to think about Christmas. Christmas is COMING !

B. Not so loud ! I already know about Christmas... The tree goes up in the lounge room with all the boxes round it and flashing lights ... gives me one big headache ! The only good thing about Christmas is I usually get a big bone to chew.

D. Well actually there's a whole lot more about Christmas that's special to people..I guess even dogs.. all of God's creation. It's a special time !

B. (Falling to sleep and begins snoring)

D. Children can you call out "wake up Bentley" ?

(children yell "wake up..." B wakes up surprised..)

D. As  I was saying. It's special time when we remember God's Son being born at Bethlehem. The Saviour of the whole world !

B. Well I'll be ..

D. We celebrate because..

B. ( interrupting) That reminds me ! Now I remember. I know where I buried last Christmas' bone. It was a great big one to. ..(aside) Under the vegie patch.. I'd better flee.

D. You've already been "flead". Bye Bye Bentley.. and Happy Christmas !

B. Yeah.. Happy Woofmas !


(c) Don Stott. http://eliab.com


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