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Carolling Christmas

Don & Ricky (Ricky the puppet sings the carol snippets as best he can)

D. Hi Ricky. How are you?

R. It’s nearly Christmas and I can’t get all the Christmas songs out of my head. I went to the supermarket and they were playing Christmas songs one after the other. I tried to go to sleep and the carols just kept going round in my head. “ding dong , ding dong…merrily on high” Can you please, please help me?

D. Well Ricky at Christmas time people like to sing songs that remind them of the very first Christmas when Jesus was born and to get into the “Christmas Spirit”.

R. “ So this is Christmas and what have we done?”

D. On the first Christmas we read in the Bible that an angel spoke to young Mary and told her that she was going to have a special baby. She was to name him Jesus- which means Saviour.

R. “ What child is this?” “Infant holy”

D. Yes that’s right. Then Joseph and Mary trusted that the angel was a messenger from God and so they set off on a journey to …

R. ”O Little Town of Bethlehem”

D. Where there was no room for them at the inn. Mary and Joseph end up in the stable where the…

R. “Cattle are lowing . The baby awakes .”… Probably the little Drummer boy woke them up?

D. No Ricky there was no drummer boy, but there may have been some animals because the baby Jesus was soon born and put to rest in a cattle feed box with some soft hay.

R. “Away in a manger. No crib for a bed…”

D. Some shepherds come to see the baby and tell an amazing story of how…

R. they watched their fox by night.

D. That would be watched their flocks, of sheep. They told of how that night…

R. A “Silent night?”

D. It may have been silent at first but then an angel appeared and then lot’s and lot’s of angels filled the sky singing..

R. “Hark the Herald!” “Sing choirs of angels”

D. The angel told the shepherds to come and find the special baby born …

R. ‘Once in Royal David city.’

D. The baby who is the Savior and newborn king. When the shepherds found the baby they were amazed and wanted to ..

R. “Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells”?

D. No Ricky. They wanted to tell anyone who would listen that the Messiah, the Christ-child had been born.

R. “O come all ye faithful” ‘O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!”

D. Well Ricky I hope you can get some rest now.

R. When I think of all those angels singing I get all ‘perspired’. Christmas is just so amazing! To think that God’s son should come to earth and live here. I know it’s different for puppets, but I wonder do people still share this amazing good news?

I think I’ll hum a few more Carols to send myself to sleep.



© Don Stott, Eliab.com ,2009