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Christmas Craving


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Christmas Craving

Ronnie the puppet & Don

D. Hi there Ronnie ! How are you going ?

R. I'm going great Mr S. I'm really looking foward to Christmas..kissing girls under the mistletoe ...or under the nose

D. What else do you look forward to at Christmas ?

R. Are you kidding ? Are you serious ? The presents of course ! I'm  going to get a new bike and some basketball cards ... and  a skate board ...and a Nintendo and..

D. (interrupting) hang on Ronnie. You already have a perfectly good bike and hundreds of basketball cards.

R. Yeah, well I want a bigger bike and  some more basketball cards.I've been thinking about this new bike for ages..it's going to be a red mountain bike with 15 gears ( it helps to have long legs)

D. What presents have you bought for your family ?

R. Oh I haven't yet. ..I'll get around to it.  I can hardly wait ! No one in my class has more than one hundred basketball cards and now I'll have 140 !

D. Don't you think you might be a bit greedy wanting all these things ?

R. I suppose so, but ...I just can't help thinking about  getting presents.

D. Sometimes when we want something really badly and we end up getting it we find that we're not really happy anyway. The new bike becomes like the old bike in the shed, the game runs out of batteries or the basketballers retire..Jesus taught us that it's better to give than to receive.

R. I guess you're right Mr. Stott. Maybe I should start thinking more about others instead of  just wanting  presents for me.

D. I think you're right there.

R. Well I'm off. I'm going to ring up my Grandma and ask her what she  wants for Christmas. That should do the trick. Cya !

(C) Don Stott. http://eliab.com






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