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Christmas News!

Originally prepared for a Christmas Eve children’s worship service.

Puppet = Ricky (R), person = Don (D)

D. OK Ricky. I need your help.

R. You mean give you a hand?

D. I want you to pretend you are a top news reporter who is reporting on the first Christmas.

R. Do I get a microphone?

D. Yes, of course.

R. Where do we start?

D. With the first bulletin from Nazareth, outside the home of Mary- mother of Jesus.

R. (with newsreader voice) “This is Ricky Star coming to you live…” (aside) “Am I live?”

D. For this script you are.

R. Right. “I have just spoken to Mary’s parents who have told me about the amazing story of their daughter seeing an angel. This angel told Mary she was going to have a special baby. The parents are excited but confused as well. What does it all mean? Further news as it comes to mouth.”

D. Comes to hand.

R. (aside) I didn’t want to bring up ‘the hand’ again.

D. O.K.

R. Where to next?

D. Alright after the wide shots of Joseph and the pregnant Mary riding to Bethlehem we should do interviews with some other travellers hoping to find some place to stay.

R. Shouldn’t I speak to someone important like a Roman official about the census – everybody being counted. Joseph one, Mary one point nine nine…

D. Well there was the innkeeper who at least let Mary and Joseph stay at his stable.

R. Excellent. Count me in.

D. 4,3,2, 1..

R. “This is Ricky Star reporting LIVE from Bethlehem. I have with me here the innkeeper who let Mary And Joseph stay at his stable. (aside) No innkeeper here. You’ll have to be the dummy innkeeper.

D. Oh,.. O.K. “ Yes Mary and Joseph were looking for somewhere to stay and Mary looked very tired and looked like she was going to have her baby very soon.”

R. “I’ve just spoken to a shepherd who visited the stable on that night”. (aside) I’m really getting into this now.

D. Go on…

R. “Mr Baaatholem Ewe reported how angels had filled the sky and told the shepherds to come into Bethlehem to find the special baby born that night. All the shepherds were very excited and Baath said it wasn’t really a “Silent Night” for him “Away in a Manger” but he was sure that this baby who was named Jesus is “one out the box”. It certainly seems like God is doing something very special.

D. Well that’s really what Christmas is about Ricky. The Bible tells us that God’s Son Jesus, came to earth, was born in a stable and then grew up and lived amongst us to show people God’s great love.

R. Good Christmas news alright. Hey are we going to interview one of the ‘wise guys”?

D. Wise men? No in our news report they’ve all returned to the East after leaving their special presents for the baby King Jesus.

R. Time to finish then. It’s nearly this Christmas! “Good evening. This is the LIVE Ricky Star and wise men won’t be following me.”


© Don Stott, http://eliab.com, 2008


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