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David & the Giant Goliath

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This script could be used as a puppet play or as a drama involving all the children divided into two groups: the Israelites and the Philistines.

Goliath: I’m Goliath, I’m bigger than a Sumo wrestler or an NBA player. I’m nearly three metres tall.

Philistines: ( Cheering like fans) He’s nearly three metres tall.! Yeah!

David: I’m David, the youngest of Jesse’s sons. Three of my brothers are soldiers, but I’m only a shepherd boy.

Israelites: ( shaking heads sadly) He’s only a shepherd boy!

Goliath: My armour alone weighs nearly seven kilos. It will protect me from absolutely anything!

Philistines: It will protect him from ab-so-lute-ly anything!

David: When I told the king that I wanted to fight he was rather doubtful. Finally he offered to lend me his own armour. But it was much too big and I couldn’t walk a step.

Israelites: He couldn’t walk a step.

David: I’ve decided not o bother with armour. I’ll have my shepherd’s stick and my sling, that’ll do for me. Oh yes, and I need five smooth stones.

Israelites: (puzzled) Five smooth stones?

Goliath: ( to Israelites) OK then you pathetic little scaredy cats- have you found someone who’ll dare to fight me?

Philistines: Have you found someone who’ll dare to fight him?

Goliath: I challenge your whole army! Remember, if your soldier wins, we will become your slaves, but if we win you must become our slaves!

Philistines: Yes! You must become our slaves!

David: I won’t listen to you insult God’s army any longer. I’ll fight you! I’m not scared!

Israelites: He’s not scared!

Goliath: You! What a joke! You’re only a boy, a cheeky little weakling. Why, I’ll feed your body to the birds and the animals!

Philistines: He’ll feed your body to the birds and animals.

David: You’re going to fight me with a spear, a sword and a javelin, but I’m going to fight you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel. Our God will put every one of you in our power and then I’ll give your body to the birds and animals!

Israelites: ( not sounding confident) He’ll give your bodies to the birds and animals.

Goliath: Ha ha ha! We’ll see about that!

David: (miming the actions as he speaks) With just one stone in my sling like so, I whirl it above my head like this, let go and POW! Yes!! Goliath is hit right between the eyes. Yes! Goliath is dead! God has given us the victory!

Israelites: (amazed) God has given us the victory!

David: The Philistines are running away! Hallelujah!

Israelites: Hallelujah!

David: Thank you, God!

Israelites: Thank you, God!



David and Goliath

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