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20 Ways to use puppets to teach a memory verse

1. Teach the puppet the verse.

2. The puppet can teach the verse to the children.

3. Use the puppets to teach the meaning.

4. Use puppets to emphasise the main theme words.

5. Use puppets to explain difficult words -eg. puppet pronounces hard or unusual words wrongly.

6. Use spoonerinsms- to add humour to the presentation. (for eg- “the speed of light becomes - the leed of spite” or “go and shake a tower” ...go and take a shower.)

7. Use puppets to aid repetition. ...eg puppet says “ I can’t hear” or “ Could you please speak softly ?”

8. Use puppet for Bible reference. eg Clown puppet with a sandwich-board around his neck - alternatively two puppets with numbers on them.

9.Use puppets to review- puppet tries to remember last weeks verse.

10. Give each child a puppet ( or make them in activity time). Make a puppet production of verse speaking the passage memorised.

11. Puppets aiding a theme. eg - a pirate has stolen the treasure maps that tells where today’s “treasure” from the Bible is found.

12. Puppet/s that develop a theme. eg - “Do be” puppet, Good News reporter, Wisdom puppet ( Owl ),...

13. Where a verse uses actual words of a Bible character, that can come in puppet form. ( Personally i wouldn’t use Jesus.) eg - Moses, Joshua, Peter etc..

14. Use an established character puppet to create interest, ask questions and generally keep the learning process moving.

15. Puppet says every word with “s” in it.

17. Red letter, Black letter puppets - red letter puppet always appears to say words that Jesus said - as in red letter edition of the Bible.

18. “If” puppet, for conditional promises.  “Therefore”, puppet for verse which begin this way. ...

19. Use puppet as a slow learner making heavy weather of the learning process. or use a puppet who is “only little” and needs things explained.

20. Use puppet as a general motivator, eg - “ I know, I know it’s memory verse time, what are we going to learn from the Bible today ?” interrupting several times during the program until he/she is finally right.

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