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An M & M Christmas

This Christmas talk was given at an All-age Christmas service.

1. The talk was introduced by producing a large packet of M&M’s (Chocolate coverered lollies/sweets/candies popular in Australia.

Christmas time is a time for sharing gifts - hold up the lolly packet. Comment about the title of M & M. Experiment with various “M” sounds Get children joining in.

“mmMMM” (surprised sound)

“MMmmm” (disappointed sound)

“Mm Mm” (Yes please!)

“M ! M! ( No way!)

I’ll put my M & M’s over here till after our service. You might like to share some with me. Invite “”Mmmm! “ response

2. We know Christmas is nearly here. (Mm Mm!)

I’m going to tell you about the birth of the special baby born at Bethlehem we heard about in our Bible reading.

3. The next part of this presentation could be done by drawing on hard cardboard or a whiteboard. You might like to have prepared beforehand some Powerpoint slides to put up on a screen. I drew my four pictures ( very quickly and very roughly!) while I talked and I had four children hold them up the front,

4, First drawing- M & M Mary. Talk about Mary being visited by the angel Gabriel where she was told she was going to be a Mummy. “ How can I when I’m not M arried?” Mary was surprised! Let’s make a surprised “Mmmmm! “ sound. Mary was willing to do what God wanted.2015-12-19 12.54.13

5. Second drawing - Talk about the journey to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus. Manger scene, Also talk briefly about the shepherds being visited by the angels declaring God is M ighty! Let’s make an M & M sound that says God is Mighty! “MM MM!”2015-12-19 11.31.45

6. Third drawing - Visit of the Magi (Wise Men) bringing gifts for the king Jesus. Did they bring M & M’s? Gold Frankincense and Myrrh. Jesus was the promised Messiah.2015-12-19 11.27.41

7. Fourth drawing - At Christmas we put gifts under a tree (draw Christmas tree) The wise men brought gifts for Jesus but they also Worshipped and W ondered at this new born king whose name means Saviour and is God’s gift to us all.2015-12-19 11.29.12

 * Write M & M on this card and then to finish turn the card upside down to write Wonder and Worship.

‘When Jesus came in to the world he turned people’s lives around to wonder and worship him and to see how much God loves us all.”

Mmmm! Mmmm!!!”

(c) Don Stott eliab.com 2015

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